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Amp & Tone (2020 Version)

New Amp & Tone (2020 Version)

Verbos Electronics Amp & Tone (2020 Version) - Low Pass Filter & VCA

This is a new version of Verbos Electronic's old favourite. They have taken the functions of the Amplitude & Tone Controller into a smaller 10HP package and shortened the name to what they have always called it. For those who don't know, the module is a Sallen-Key lowpass filter followed by a VCA. The signal path is still all discrete, but now the filter is also made from transistors. The sound shaping possibilities remain, including a balance of distortion from the input stage or the filter as well as simultaneous linear and exponential control of the VCA.


Max Depth:
Power:+12V: 85mA

-12V: 83mA

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