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Verbos Electronics

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Amp & Tone (2020 Version)

Verbos Electronics Amp & Tone (2020 Version) - Low Pass Filter & VCAThis is a new version of..

£289.00 Ex Tax: £240.83

Complex Oscillator

Verbos Electronics Complex OscillatorIn the West Coast philosophy of synthesis, one oscillator modul..

£577.00 Ex Tax: £480.83

Foundation Oscillator

Verbos Electronics Foundation OscillatorThe Foundation Oscillator is the long awaited small VCO from..

£392.00 Ex Tax: £326.67

Harmonic Oscillator

Verbos Electronics Harmonic OscillatorFor the first time in Eurorack, this oscillator modules provid..

£588.00 Ex Tax: £490.00


Verbos Electronics Multi-Envelope - Dual Envelope GeneratorReimagining the envelope generator, sever..

£368.00 Ex Tax: £306.67

Noise & Filter

Verbos Electronics Noise & FilterA simple noise generator and 4 band fixed filter bank. The nois..

£96.00 Ex Tax: £80.00

Random Sampling

Verbos Electronics Random SamplingRooted in the California modular tradition, the Random Sampling is..

£520.00 Ex Tax: £433.33

Scan & Pan

Verbos Electronics Scan & Pan - Panning MixerIn a minuscule amount of space, the Scan & Pan ..

£384.00 Ex Tax: £320.00

Voltage Multistage

Verbos Electronics Voltage Multistage - 8 Stage Analog SequencerThe Voltage Multistage is an 8 stage..

£525.00 Ex Tax: £437.50


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