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A-110-6 Trapezoid Thru Zero Quadrature VCO

Doepfer A-110-6 - Trapezoid Thru Zero Quadrature VCOThe Doepfer A-110-6 is a Trapezoid Thru Zero Qua..

Ex Tax: £176.67

A-143-3 Quad LFO

Doepfer A-143-3 - Quad LFOThe Doepfer A-143-3 is a low-cost four-fold modulation oscillator, often c..

Ex Tax: £87.50

A-143-9 Voltage Controlled Quadrature LFO VCO

Doepfer A-143-9 - Voltage Controlled Quadrature LFO VCOThe Doepfer A-143-9 is a derivative of the A-..

Ex Tax: £59.17

Airstreamer Airstreamer - Envelope GeneratorAirstreamer is a fast and effective envelope generator ..

Ex Tax: £112.50


Xaoc Devices Batumi - Quadruple LFOThe Xaoc Devices Batumi is a fully voltage controlled, quadruple ..

Ex Tax: £198.33

Clep Diaz

Noise Engineering Clep Diaz - Step CV / LFO GeneratorThe Noise Engineering Clep Diaz is a handy and ..

Ex Tax: £90.00

Contour 1

Joranalogue Contour 1 - Slew Limiter / Function GeneratorFor decades, the voltage controlled slew li..

Ex Tax: £141.67

Control Forge

Rossum Electro-Music Control Forge - Programmable Universal CV GeneratorControl Forge's core functio..

Ex Tax: £366.67


Instruo Cš-L - Dual OscillatorCš-L | si-ez-el | proverb (derivative) "complex sauce-later" (see..

Ex Tax: £412.50

CV Trinity

Bastl instruments CV Trinity - Hex Modulation Signal SuperheroThe CV Trinity has 6 independent chann..

Ex Tax: £216.67

Disting MK4

Expert Sleepers Disting MK4The Expert Sleepers Disting MK4 is a many-in-1 multi-function module, off..

Ex Tax: £115.00


Make Noise DPO - Dual Primary OscillatorThe DPO music synthesizer module is a dual Voltage Controlle..

Ex Tax: £450.00

Drum Sequencer

Erica Synths Drum Sequencer - 16 Channel Trigger SequencerThe Drum Sequencer is an easy to use, clas..

Ex Tax: £469.17


Expert Sleepers FH-2 - USB / Midi ModuleThe Expert Sleepers FH-2 is a Eurorack module combining the ..

Ex Tax: £204.17


Make Noise Function - Control Voltage Utility ModuleThe Function music synthesizer module is part of..

Ex Tax: £107.50


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