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Instruo Cuir Eurorack Output Module

Instruo Cuir - Output Module| kirj | verb (transmutation) to convey into another form, to send into ..

£211.00 £164.11 Ex Tax: £136.76

Instruo Vinca Eurorack Two Channel VCA Module

Instruo Vincâ - Two Channel VCAVincâ | 'vinke | noun (horticulture) genus of small flowering pl..

£194.00 £150.89 Ex Tax: £125.74

Instruo Arbhar Eurorack Granular Processor Module

Instruo Arbhar - Granular Processorarbhar  | ˈɑɾˠuːɾˠ | noun (envelope) a containing ..

£565.00 Ex Tax: £470.83

Instruo Athru Eurorack Wavefolder Module

Instruo Athrú - WavefolderAthrú |'a:r-u:| verb (mathematics) an act or process through which so..

£180.00 Ex Tax: £150.00

Instruo Ceis Eurorack ADSR Envelope Generator Module

Instruo Cèis - Analogue ADSR Envelope GeneratorCèis |si:s | noun (envelope) a containing struct..

£150.00 Ex Tax: £125.00

Instruo Cs-L Eurorack Complex Oscillator Module

Instruo Cš-L - Dual OscillatorCš-L | si-ez-el | proverb (derivative) "complex sauce-later" (see..

£505.00 Ex Tax: £420.83

Instruo Eas Eurorack Logic Module

Instruo Eas - Logic Module| /es/ | noun (nature) a cascade of water falling from a height, formed wh..

£159.00 Ex Tax: £132.50

Instruo Harmonaig Eurorack Quantizer Module

Instruo Harmonàig - Four Voice Voltage QuantiserHarmonàig | 'ha:meni | noun (musical tone) an o..

£359.00 Ex Tax: £299.17

Instruo I-o47 Eurorack Multimode Resonantor and Filter Module

Instruo I-ō47 - Multimode Resonator / FilterI-ō47 |Ai-eu-fo:ti-'sev(e)n | noun (Signal processi..

£290.00 Ex Tax: £241.67

Instruo Larachd Eurorack Input Utility Module

Instruo Larachd - Input Utility Module| la:rexg | noun (vestige) a range of operation, a marked..

£317.00 Ex Tax: £264.17

Instruo Lion Eurorack 6x6 Matrix Mixer Module

Instruo Lìon - 6x6 Matrix Mixer| ljð | noun (networking) an open-meshed form, twisted, knotted, or w..

£249.00 Ex Tax: £207.50

Instruo Lubadh Eurorack Dual Channel Audio Looper Module

Instruo Lubadh - Dual Channel Audio LooperLubadh | ˈluːbɑː |  verb (willow weaving) l..

£524.00 Ex Tax: £436.67

Instruo Neoni Eurorack Through Zero Oscillator Module

Instruo Neoni - Through-Zero Oscillator| ni: euni | verb (engineering) to adjust an instrument to ze..

£329.00 Ex Tax: £274.17

Instruo Saich Eurorack Quad Oscillator Module

Instruo Saich - Quad OscillatorSaich | saix | noun (natural sciences) a number of animate things mas..

£466.00 Ex Tax: £388.33

Instruo Scion Eurorack Biofeedback Sensor Random Voltage Generator Module

Instruo Scíon - Biofeedback Sensor Random Voltage GeneratorScíon | 'sAien | noun (biology) youn..

£275.00 Ex Tax: £229.17