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Synth Voice

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Complex Oscillator

In the West Coast philosophy of synthesis, one oscillator modulating another is a classic way of cre..

Ex Tax: £470.83


Mutable Instruments Elements - Modal synthesizerThe Mutable Instruments Elements is a full-blown syn..

Ex Tax: £343.33

General CV

"Bringing the '90s back to the '60s"The Expert Sleepers General CV is a combination of a powerful ge..

Ex Tax: £187.50

Harmonic Oscillator

Verbos Electronics Harmonic OscillatorFor the first time in Eurorack, this oscillator modules provid..

Ex Tax: £490.83


Xaoc Devices Odessa - Variable Spectrum Harmonic Cluster OscillatorThe Odessa features•   ..

Ex Tax: £316.67

Pico Voice

The Erica Synths Pico Voice is an amazingly versatile sound source in just 3hp.Features•  ..

Ex Tax: £98.33


Mutable Instruments Plaits - Macro-oscillatorRebooting a classicPlaits is the spiritual successor of..

Ex Tax: £154.17


The 2hp Pluck is a physical modelling synth voice. It uses the Karplus-Strong algorithm to create pl..

Ex Tax: £106.67


Make Noise tELHARMONIC - 3 Voice Harmonic OscillatorThe tELHARMONIC music synthesizer module is a Mu..

Ex Tax: £262.50


Mutable Instruments Tides - Tidal Modulator The Mutable Instruments Tides is all about waves th..

Ex Tax: £149.17


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