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Doepfer A-166 Eurorack Dual Logic Module

Doepfer A-166 - Dual Logic ModuleDoepfer's A-166 is a dual logic module with 3 inputs for each unit...

Ex Tax: £83.33

Instruo Eas Eurorack Logic Module

Instruo Eas - Logic Module| /es/ | noun (nature) a cascade of water falling from a height, formed wh..

Ex Tax: £132.50

Make Noise MATHS Eurorack Function Generator Module

Make Noise MATHS - Function GeneratorThe MATHS music synthesizer module is an analog computer design..

Ex Tax: £226.67

Make Noise Mult Eurorack Passive Multiple Module

The Make Noise Mult - Passive MultipleThe Mult music synthesizer module is a simple important module..

Ex Tax: £25.00

Mannequins Cold Mac Eurorack Analogue Utilities Module

Mannequins Cold MacAnalog utilities with creative mixing and patch surveillanceThe Mannequins Cold M..

Ex Tax: £157.50