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Bastl Instruments Ikarie Eurorack Stereo Dual Peak Filter Module

Bastl Instruments Ikarie - Stereo / Dual Peak FilterIkarie is a uniquely scultped, flexible stereo o..

Ex Tax: £216.67

Bastl Instruments Propust (Wood) Eurorack Triple Passive Filter Module

Bastl Instruments Propust - Triple Passive FilterPropust is a compact triple passive filter wit..

Ex Tax: £43.33

Doepfer A-101-2 Eurorack Vactrol Low Pass Gate Module

Doepfer A-101-2 - Vactrol Low Pass GateDoepfer’s A-101-2 is a vactrol based combination of Low Pass ..

Ex Tax: £70.83

Doepfer A-107 Eurorack Multitype Morphing Filter Module

Doepfer A-107 - Multitype Morphing FilterThe Doepfer A-107 module is a completely new voltage contro..

Ex Tax: £208.33

Doepfer A-120 Eurorack 24dB Low Pass Filter Module

Doepfer A-120 - 24dB Low Pass FilterThe Doepfer A-120 is a voltage controlled low-pass filter, which..

Ex Tax: £81.67

Doepfer A-124SE Wasp Eurorack Voltage Controlled Filter Module

Doepfer A-124SE - Wasp FilterThe Doepfer A-124SE is a special 12dB multimode filter using the ‘stran..

Ex Tax: £56.67

Erica Synths Fusion VCF v2 Eurorack Voltage Controlled Filter Module

Erica Synths Fusion VCF v2The Erica Synths Fusion VCF v2 is their take on a four pole low pass filte..

Ex Tax: £237.50

Expert Sleepers Disting MK4 Eurorack Multifunction Module

Expert Sleepers Disting MK4The Expert Sleepers Disting MK4 is a many-in-1 multi-function module, off..

Ex Tax: £132.50

Frap Tools Fumana Eurorack Dual 16 Bands Spectral Editor Module

Frap Tools Fumana - Dual 16 Bands Spectral EditorFumama / fu'ma:na / s.f. [dialect of Modena, from L..

Ex Tax: £691.67

Mannequins Three Sisters Eurorack Linked Filters Module

Mannequins Three Sisters - Linked Filters for spectral mixing and resonant sculptingThe Mannequins T..

Ex Tax: £241.67

Qu-Bit Electronix Prism Eurorack Multi Dimensional Signal Processor Module

Qu-Bit Electronix Prism - Multidimensional Signal ProcessorPrism is a multidimensional signal proces..

Ex Tax: £191.67

Rossum Electro-Music Linnaeus Thru Zero State Variable Filter Module

Rossum Electro-Music Linnaeus - Thru-Zero State Variable FilterFollowing in the tradition of Evoluti..

Ex Tax: £311.67

Verbos Electronics Noise & Filter Eurorack Fixed Filter Bank and Noise Generator Module

Verbos Electronics Noise & FilterA simple noise generator and 4 band fixed filter bank. The nois..

Ex Tax: £74.17

2HP MMF Eurorack Multi Mode Filter Module (Silver)

2HP MMF - Multimode FilterThe 2hp MMF is an analog, multimode filter with a 12dB per octave slope. I..

Ex Tax: £81.67

Bastl Instruments Cinnamon Eurorack Voltage Controlled State Variable Filter Module

Bastl Instruments Cinnamon - Voltage Controlled State Variable FilterCinnamon is a very unique sound..

Ex Tax: £104.17


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