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A-178 Theremin Control Voltage Source

The Doepfer A-178 Theremin module is for generating a variable control voltage by approaching / remo..

Ex Tax: £74.17

A-180-2 Multiples

The Doepfer A180-2 is a simple multi-connector. It has two groups of four inter-connected sockets, s..

Ex Tax: £25.00

A-180-3 Buffered Multiples

The Doepfer A-180-3 is a dual buffered 1-in-3 multiple. The signal applied to the input socket appea..

Ex Tax: £36.67

A-185-2 Precision CV Adder

Doepfer's A-185-2 is a precision control voltage adder / buffer. Precision means that the amplificat..

Ex Tax: £54.17

Cold Mac

Analog utilities with creative mixing and patch surveillanceCold Mac is the spice in your modular me..

Ex Tax: £162.50

Disting MK4

The Expert Sleepers Disting MK4 is a many-in-1 multi-function module, offering a variety of CV and a..

Ex Tax: £115.00

ES-3 MK4

The Expert Sleepers ES-3 is a eurorack format module which converts eights channels of ADAT Lightpip..

Ex Tax: £137.50


The Expert Sleepers ES-8 is a USB 2.0 class-compliant audio interface in a eurorack module, with DC-..

Ex Tax: £308.33


The Expert Sleepers FH-2 is a Eurorack module combining the following functions:•     ..

Ex Tax: £204.17

FHX-8GT Gate Expander

The Expert Sleepers FHX-8GT Gate Expander is an expansion module for the FH-2 'factotum' Eurorack mo..

Ex Tax: £62.50

General CV

"Bringing the '90s back to the '60s"The Expert Sleepers General CV is a combination of a powerful ge..

Ex Tax: £220.83

Just Friends

Manifold generator for navigating social contoursJust Friends discussing the many facets of their em..

Ex Tax: £325.00

MIDI Breakout

The Expert Sleepers MIDI Breakout module provides 5-pin DIN MIDI connectors for compatible modules w..

Ex Tax: £30.00


The Modulation Construction SetASR envelope, complex 6-stage envelope, LFO, 4-step sequence or switc..

Ex Tax: £204.17


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