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Frap Tools

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Frap Tools Fumana Eurorack Dual 16 Bands Spectral Editor Module

Frap Tools Fumana - Dual 16 Bands Spectral EditorFumama / fu'ma:na / s.f. [dialect of Modena, from L..

£830.00 Ex Tax: £691.67

Frap Tools Sapel Eurorack Random Generator Module

Frap Tools Sapel - Tamed Random Sourcesapel / sa'pe:l / s.m. [dialect from the northern area of Mode..

£389.00 Ex Tax: £324.17

Frap Tools 321 Eurorack Utility Module

Frap Tools 321 - Scale + Flip + Shift + Combine321 / derived from triple 'two functions' editing sec..

£92.00 Ex Tax: £76.67

Frap Tools 333 Eurorack Pro Sum Audio and Distribution Module

Frap Tools 333 - Pro Audio Sum & Distribution333 / derived from triple three inputs to three out..

£87.00 Ex Tax: £72.50

Frap Tools Brenso Eurorack Complex Oscillator Module

Frap Tools Brenso - Entangled Sound Sourcesbrenso / 'bre:nso / adj. [slang portmanteau word created ..

£575.00 Ex Tax: £479.17

Frap Tools Falistri Eurorack Movement Manager Module

Frap Tools Falistri - Movement ManagerFalistri / fa'listri / s.f., plural [Modenese dialect, probabl..

£375.00 Ex Tax: £312.50

Frap Tools Usta Eurorack 4 Channel Variable State Sequencer Module

Frap Tools Usta - Four Channel Variable State Sequencerusta / 'usta / s.f. [probably from an ancient..

£655.00 Ex Tax: £545.83


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