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Bastl Instruments Dynamo (Wood) Eurorack Envelope Follower, Comparator and Voltage Controlled Switch Module

Bastl Instruments Dynamo - Envelope Follower / Comparator / Voltage Controlled SwitchDynamics and mo..

Ex Tax: £95.83

Bastl Instruments Solenoid Expander Eurorack Module

Bastl Instruments Solenoid Expander - Individual CV Control for Velocity of Each ChannelThe Solenoid..

Ex Tax: £50.00

DPW Design L-1 Eurorack Triple Limiter Module

DPW Design L-1 - Triple LimiterThe L-1 is a three individual soft knee limiter module in Eurorack Fo..

Ex Tax: £112.50

DPW Design SH-1 Eurorack Spectral Enhancer Module

DPW Design SH-1 - Spectral EnhancerSH-1 is a combination of a compressor / limiter and a dynamically..

Ex Tax: £125.00 BLCK_Cockpit2 Eurorack Stereo Mixer Module BLCK_Cockpit2 - 4 Channel stereo mixer with side-chain Cockpit, the ..

Ex Tax: £154.17 Golden Master Eurorack Multiband Processor Module Golden Master - Multiband ProcessorGolden Master is a multiband processor module in Eur..

Ex Tax: £135.83

Erica Synths Pico LPG Eurorack Low Pass Gate Module

Erica Synths Pico LPG - Low Pass GateThe Pico LPG is Erica Synths take on classical Don Buchla LPG d..

Ex Tax: £92.50

Xaoc Devices Katowice Eurorack Stereo Variable Band Isolator Module

Xaoc Devices Katowice - Stereo Variable Band IsolatorKatowice is a stereo variable-band isolator tha..

Ex Tax: £174.17