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A-138b Mixer Logarithm

The Doepfer A-138b is a four-channel mixer, which can be used with either control voltages or audio ..

Ex Tax: £43.33

A-138s Stereo Mixer

The Doepfer A-138s is a simple, but useful, 4-in-2 mixing tool. It has four input available. Each in..

Ex Tax: £54.17

A-185-2 Precision CV Adder

Doepfer's A-185-2 is a precision control voltage adder / buffer. Precision means that the amplificat..

Ex Tax: £54.17

Cold Mac

Analog utilities with creative mixing and patch surveillanceCold Mac is the spice in your modular me..

Ex Tax: £162.50


The 2hp Mix is a 4 channel mixer that is great for audio or control voltage signals. Up to four inpu..

Ex Tax: £70.83

Three Sisters

Linked Filters for spectral mixing and resonant sculptingThree Sisters related to, and reflections o..

Ex Tax: £241.67


The Instruo Tràigh is a classic transistor ladder low pass filter (24dB / Octave).Derived from ..

Ex Tax: £154.17


Veils provides 4 VCAs with an adjustable response curve. Veils’ outputs are daisy-chained, allowin..

Ex Tax: £120.00


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