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Bastl Instruments Quattro Figaro (Wood) Eurorack Quad Voltage Control Amplifier Module

Bastl Instruments Quattro Figaro - Quad VCA with CV Invertors and Mixed OutputsQuattro Figaro i..

Ex Tax: £150.00

DivKid Stereo Strip Eurorack Mixer Channel Module

Divkid Stereo Strip - Mixer ChannelStereo Strip takes the idea of a channel strip and makes it modul..

Ex Tax: £148.33

Doepfer A-138b Eurorack Mixer Logarithm Module

Doepfer A-138b - Mixer LogarithmThe Doepfer A-138b is a four-channel mixer, which can be used with e..

Ex Tax: £40.83

Doepfer A-138f Eurorack Dual Three Way Crossfader Module

Doepfer A-138f - Dual Three-Way CrossfaderThe Doepfer A-138f contains two identical crossfaders with..

Ex Tax: £51.67

Noise Engineering Roti Pola Eurorack Attenverting Control Voltage Mixer Module

Noise Engineering Roti Pola - Attenuverting CV MixerThe Noise Engineering Roti Pola is a four channe..

Ex Tax: £86.67

2HP Mix Eurorack Mixer Module (Silver)

2HP Mix - 4 Channel MixerThe 2hp Mix is a 4 channel mixer that is great for audio or control voltage..

Ex Tax: £78.33

Apollo View Rabbit Hole Eurorack Valve VCA Mixer Module

Apollo View Rabbit Hole - Valve VCA MixerThe Rabbit Hole is a 16hp summing mixer with characterful v..

Ex Tax: £290.83

Bastl Instruments ABC Eurorack Mixer Module

Bastl Instruments ABC - Simple Six Channel Signal MixerABC is a simple 6 channel signal mixer. It ha..

Ex Tax: £79.17

Bastl Instruments Dark Matter Eurorack Voltage Controlled Audio Feedback Module

Bastl Instruments Dark Matter - Voltage Controlled Audio Feedback ModuleDark Matter is a high energy..

Ex Tax: £236.67

Bastl Instruments Waver Eurorack Wavefolding Drone Mixer Module

Casper Electronics x Bastl Instruments Waver - Wavefolding Drone MixerWaver is a fully analog, wave ..

Ex Tax: £208.33

Divkid Mutes Eurorack Vactrol Based Switcher Module

DivKid Mutes"Mutes is my dream compact performance tool." Sir Divward KidderyBut Mutes goes above an..

Ex Tax: £82.50

Doepfer A-130-8 Eurorack Octal Linear Voltage Controlled Amplifier Module

Doepfer A-130-8 Octal Linear VCA / Voltage Controlled MixersThe A-130-8 contains eight linear voltag..

Ex Tax: £66.67

Doepfer A-135-3 Eurorack Voltage Controlled Stereo Mixer Module

Doepfer A-135-3 Voltage Controlled Stereo MixerThe A-135-3 is a voltage controlled stereo mixer with..

Ex Tax: £100.00

Doepfer A-138m Eurorack Matrix Mixer Module

Doepfer A-138m Matrix MixerThe Doepfer A-138m is a 4x4 matrix mixer with switches for unipolar / bip..

Ex Tax: £108.33

Doepfer A-138n Eurorack Narrow Mixer Module

Doepfer A-138n - Narrow MixerThe Doepfer A-138n is a simple four channel mixer, which can be used wi..

Ex Tax: £37.50