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Bastl Instruments Quattro Figaro (Wood) Eurorack Quad Voltage Control Amplifier Module

Bastl Instruments Quattro Figaro - Quad VCA with CV Invertors and Mixed OutputsQuattro Figaro i..

£180.00 £140.00
Ex Tax: £116.67

DivKid Stereo Strip Eurorack Mixer Channel Module

Divkid Stereo Strip - Mixer ChannelStereo Strip takes the idea of a channel strip and makes it modul..

£178.00 £138.44
Ex Tax: £115.37

2HP Verb Eurorack Reverb Module (Silver)

2HP Verb - ReverbThe 2hp Verb is a lush stereo reverb with a full feature set and superior audio qua..

Ex Tax: £108.33

Bastl Instruments ABC Eurorack Mixer Module

Bastl Instruments ABC - Simple Six Channel Signal MixerABC is a simple 6 channel signal mixer. It ha..

Ex Tax: £79.17

Bastl Instruments Ikarie Eurorack Stereo Dual Peak Filter Module

Bastl Instruments Ikarie - Stereo / Dual Peak FilterIkarie is a uniquely scultped, flexible stereo o..

Ex Tax: £216.67

Doepfer A-135-3 Eurorack Voltage Controlled Stereo Mixer Module

Doepfer A-135-3 Voltage Controlled Stereo MixerThe A-135-3 is a voltage controlled stereo mixer with..

Ex Tax: £100.00

Doepfer A-138s Eurorack Mini Stereo Mixer Module

Doepfer A-138s - Mini Stereo MixerThe Doepfer A-138s is a simple, but useful, 4-in-2 mixing tool. It..

Ex Tax: £54.17 BLCK_Cockpit2 Eurorack Stereo Mixer Module BLCK_Cockpit2 - 4 Channel stereo mixer with side-chain Cockpit, the ..

Ex Tax: £154.17 Milky Way Eurorack Stereo Effects Module Milky Way - Stereo EffectsThe Milky Way is a stereo multi effects unit taking inspirati..

Ex Tax: £134.17 Squawk Dirty To Me Eurorack Stereo Voltage Controlled Multimode Filter Module Squawk Dirty To Me - Stereo Voltage Controlled FilterSquawk Dirty To Me is a stereo mul..

Ex Tax: £138.33

Erica Synths Black Hole DSP 2 Eurorack Effects Module

Erica Synths Black Hole DSP 2 - DSP Effects ModuleErica Synths Black Hole DSP 2, an updated version..

Ex Tax: £216.67

Erica Synths Dual FX Eurorack Effects Module

Erica Synths Dual FXTo add some space to your compositions and nuances in sound design the Erica Syn..

Ex Tax: £216.67

Erica Synths Pico DSP Eurorack Effects Modules

Erica Synths Pico DSPThe Erica Synths Pico DSP is the smaller brother to their famous Black Hole DSP..

Ex Tax: £101.67

Joranalogue Enhance 2 Eurorack Stereophonic Enhancer Module

Joranalogue Enhance 2 - Stereophonic EnhancerMoving from mono to stereo sound: a logical progression..

Ex Tax: £131.67

Make Noise Erbe-Verb Eurorack Reverb Module

Make Noise Erbe-Verb - Reverb ModuleThe Erbe-Verb music synthesizer module is more than a collection..

Ex Tax: £395.00