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Gate Generator

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Instruo Eas Eurorack Logic Module

Instruo Eas - Logic Module| /es/ | noun (nature) a cascade of water falling from a height, formed wh..

Ex Tax: £132.50

Instruo Larachd Eurorack Input Utility Module

Instruo Larachd - Input Utility Module| la:rexg | noun (vestige) a range of operation, a marked..

Ex Tax: £264.17

Joranalogue Step 8 Eurorack Sequential Tracking Sampling Register Module

Joranalogue Step 8 - Sequential Tracking / Sampling RegisterSequencers, sequential switches, counter..

Ex Tax: £258.33

Noise Engineering Numeric Repetitor Eurorack Dynamic Rhythm Generator Module

Noise Engineering Numric Repetitor - Dynamic Rhythmic GeneratorThe Noise Engineering Numeric Repetit..

Ex Tax: £173.33

Noise Engineering Zularic Repetitor Eurorack Dynamic Rhythmic Generator Module

Noise Engineering Zularic Repetitor - Dynamic Rhythmic GeneratorThe Noise Engineering Zularic Repeti..

Ex Tax: £165.00