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A-136 Distortion / Waveshaper

The Doepfer A-136 is a distortion and waveshaping module with extensive control possibilities. The i..

Ex Tax: £45.83

Dark Matter

Voltage Controlled Audio Feedback ModuleDark Matter is a high energy sound processor and signal gene..

Ex Tax: £229.17

Dual Drive

For extreme, distorted drums the Erica Synths Dual Drive module is a must! The module features two i..

Ex Tax: £170.83


Instruo Tanh3 - 3 Channel Analogue WaveshaperTanh3 is a three channel, all analogue, wave shaper. It..

Ex Tax: £77.50


Dual Waveform LumberjackTimber is a very flexible wave shaping module that can produce rich timbres ..

Ex Tax: £145.83


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