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Sample & Hold

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Bastl Instruments Tromso (Aluminium) Eurorack Voltage Controlled Oscillator, Comparator and Sample and Hold Module

Bastl Instruents Tromso - VCO, Comparator and Sample & Hold ComboTromsø is a combination of 3 ba..

Ex Tax: £105.00

Doepfer A-184-1 Eurorack Ring Modulator / Sample & Hold / Track & Hold / Slew Limiter Module

Doepfer A-184-1 - Ring Modulator / Sample & Hold / Track & Hold / Slew LimiterThe Doefper A-..

Ex Tax: £68.33

Expert Sleepers Disting MK4 Eurorack Multifunction Module

Expert Sleepers Disting MK4The Expert Sleepers Disting MK4 is a many-in-1 multi-function module, off..

Ex Tax: £132.50

Frap Tools Sapel Eurorack Random Generator Module

Frap Tools Sapel - Tamed Random Sourcesapel / sa'pe:l / s.m. [dialect from the northern area of Mode..

Ex Tax: £324.17

Make Noise Wogglebug Eurorack Random Voltage Generator Module

Make Noise Wogglebug - Random Voltage GeneratorThe Wogglebug music synthesizer module is a random vo..

Ex Tax: £182.50

Rossum Electro-Music Mob of Emus Eurorack Polyfunctional Harmonic Sextet Module

Rossum Electro-Music Mob Of Emus - Polyfunctional Harmonic SextetMob of Emus is a powerful music and..

Ex Tax: £300.00

Divkid RND STEP Eurorack Sample and Hold Module

Divkid / SSF RND STEP - 6x Sample and HoldRND STEP is a high performance, 3 channel sample and hold ..

Ex Tax: £162.50

Instruo Scion Eurorack Biofeedback Sensor Random Voltage Generator Module

Instruo Scíon - Biofeedback Sensor Random Voltage GeneratorScíon | 'sAien | noun (biology) youn..

Ex Tax: £229.17

Joranalogue Select 2 Eurorack Dual Gated Precision Control Voltage Processor Module

Joranalogue Select 2 - Dual Gated Precision Control Voltage ProcessorA 'Swiss Army Knife' for your m..

Ex Tax: £105.83

Verbos Electronics Random Sampling Eurorack Random Generator Module

Verbos Electronics Random SamplingRooted in the California modular tradition, the Random Sampling is..

Ex Tax: £433.33


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