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A-101-2 Vactrol Low Pass Gate

Doepfer’s A-101-2 is a vactrol based combination of Low Pass Filter and VCA that was inspired by the..

£88.00 Ex Tax: £73.33

A-106-5 12dB SEM Filter

The Doepfer A-106-5 module is a 12dB multimode filter that is based on the filter circuit of the Obe..

£72.00 Ex Tax: £60.00

A-107 Multitype Morphing Filter

The Doepfer A-107 module is a completely new voltage controlled filter that has 36 available filter ..

£250.00 Ex Tax: £208.33

A-110-1 Standard VCO

The Doepfer A-110-1 is a voltage-controlled oscillator. The VCOs frequency range is about eight octa..

£124.00 Ex Tax: £103.33

A-110-2 Basic VCO

The Doepfer A-110-2 is a low-cost voltage-controlled oscillator. It’s a slight reduced version of th..

£106.00 Ex Tax: £88.33

A-110-6 Trapezoid Thru Zero Quadrature VCO

The Doepfer A-110-6 is a Trapezoid Thru Zero Quadrature VCO. The module is based on an idea by Donal..

£212.00 Ex Tax: £176.67

A-119 External Input / Envelope Follower

The Doepfer A-119 External Input / Envelope Follower is designed to allow external signals to be int..

£60.00 Ex Tax: £50.00

A-120 24dB Low Pass Filter

The Doepfer A-120 is a voltage controlled low-pass filter, which filters out the higher parts of the..

£95.00 Ex Tax: £79.17

A-124SE Wasp Filter

The Doepfer A-124SE is a special 12dB multimode filter using the ‘strange’ filter circuit of the ‘ED..

£70.00 Ex Tax: £58.33


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