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Noise Engineering Imitor Versio Eurorack Stereo Delay and DSP Platform Module

Noise Engineering Imitor Versio Eurorack Stereo Delay and DSP Platform Module

Noise Engineering Imitor Versio - Stereo Delay and DSP platform

Imitor Versio is a delay designed for experimentation. With 12 delay taps and a slew of parameters designed to make the delay perform in unfathomable ways, Imitor Versio is perfect for creating unusual echoes, experimenting with different delay shapes and patterns, adding vintage flare to an atmosphere and more.

Not just a stereo delay, Imitor Versio is also a DSP platform. Via a USB connection on the rear of the panel alternate firmwares can be installed to transform it into a completely different module


•           Blend (Blend): Wet / dry mix between the input signal and the resulting delay.

•           Regen (Regen): Feedback amount for the delay lines. Turning this control past 3:00 ducks the delay line based on the input, creating sidechain-type effects. Regen s a sensitive control and while you are learning the module you may have best results if you keep it relatively low.

•           Skew (Speed) [bipolar]: Changes the relative timing of the delay taps. In the centre, the spacing between taps is equal. To the left, the spacing starts fast and gets slower. The the right, the spacing starts slow and gets faster. Useful for a variety of effects like bouncing ball to the left and dying clock to the right

•           Angle (Tone) [bipolar]: Imagine that the delay taps are arranged in a circle in the L/R space. This control sets the amount that each tap is offset in that circle relative to the previous tap. For instance, at 1:00, the second tap will be rotated slight further right than the previous, and the tap after that would be rotated even more, eventually looping back to the left side of the circle. At extreme clockwise / anti clockwise values, taps bounce around the stereo field wildly.

•           LFO (Index) [bipolar]: Adds modulation and wide bandpass filtering to the delay line. To the left the modulation is random, to the right it is triangular. Think of LFO as a "warble" control with two flavours of warbliness

•           Time (Size): How much time there is before the first delay as a fraction of the Spread setting.

•           Spread (Dense): Base delay time. This sets the time from now until the last tap. When using a tap or external clock, this acts as a clock divider / muliplier.

•           LIM / DST / SHM: Delay mode that changes how the feedback path is processed: clean, slightly distorted and pitch-shifted shimmer

•           > / = / < (BND / LRP / JMP): Changes how the 12 delay taps behave. To the left, the taps decrescendo. To the right, the taps crescendo. In the centre, all taps are equal volume.

•           Tap (FSU): Tap tempo. Output LEDs flash purple each time a clock pulse / tap is received. Holding down the button for 2 seconds clears the tapped tempo (LEDs flash orange) and the Size and Dense knobs then control timing entirely. Holding down the button for 5 seconds clears the delay lines completely (LEDs flash white). The corresponding jack acts as a clock input.


Max Depth:39mm
Power:+12V: 70mA

-12V: 70mA

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