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Make Noise MATHS - Function Generator

The MATHS music synthesizer module is an analog computer designed for musical purposes

Amongst other things, it will allow you too:

•           Generate a variety of linear, logarithmic or exponential triggered or continuous functions

•           Integrate an incoming signal

•           With no signal applied, generate a variety of linear, logarithmic or exponential functions

•           Add, subtract and OR up to 4 signals

•           Generate analog signals from digital information (Gate / Clock)

•           Generate digital information (Gate / Clock) from analog signals

•           Delay digital (Gate / Clock) information

If the above sounds like science rather than music here is the translation

•           Voltage Controlled Envelope or LFO as slow as 25 minutes and as fast as 1kHz

•           Apply lag, Slew or Portamento to control voltage

•           Change the depth of modulation and modulate backwards

•           Combine up to 4 control signals to create more complex modulations

•           Musical Events such as Ramping up or Down in Tempo, on command

•           Initiating Musical Events upon sensing motion in the system

•           Music note division and / or Flam

•           Perfect for modulating the DPO and just about anything else.


Max Depth:24mm
Power:+12V: 60mA

-12V: 50mA

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