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DPW Design SW-1 - Quad Bidirectional Switch

The SW-1 is a quad bidirectional switch in Eurorack format with manual or CV control over the switches.

It can be CV controlled well above 100 kHz which opens up for interesting wave shaping of audio signals. SWT, switched wave transformation.

Bidirectional switch means that the signals can flow in both directions through the switch. You can send signals in on 1 and out of 1G or 1R. Or you can send signals in on 1G and 1R and 1 will be the output. The same applies to channels 2, 3 and 4.

The switches can be latched in pairs. The layout is for ergonomics when switching stereo buses.

Each switch can be CV controlled up to well above 100 kHz. This opens for interesting wave shaping as you can switch out a piece of a single cycle of an audio rate signal and replace it with something else. SWT, switched wave transformation. Or change / swap places of your modules in your chin at up to high or above audio rate.

Input impedance CV is 100 kohm


Max Depth:25mm
Power:+12V: 30mA

-12V: 5mA

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  • Manufacturer: DPW Design
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