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New Poti

Xaoc Devices Poti - Batumi Expansion Module

Poti is a simple but useful breakout expansion for the Batumi quadruple low frequency oscillator module. 

Poti provides immediate access to the Batumi functions originally selected by the cluster of jumpers on the back of the module: Reset / Sync mode and the selection of assignable waveform (ASGN). The upper switch toggles between the reset and tap-tempo function of Batumi's reset and tap tempo function of Batumi's Reset / Sync inputs. The combination of the two lower ASGN switches select the waveform delivered to the Saw / ASGN outputs, as per the markings on the Poti panel.


Max Depth:20mm

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  • Manufacturer: Xaoc Devices
  • Product Code: Poti
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  • £40.00
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