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New Multi-Envelope

Verbos Electronics Multi-Envelope - Dual Envelope Generator

Reimagining the envelope generator, several shapes of 4 stage functions are available simultaneously on each of the two parts in the Multi-Envelope. From the same set of controls and voltage control inputs, each shape has it's own dedicated output. All at the same time.... Delay Attack Decay Sustain Release, Attack Hold Decay Sustain Release, Delay Attack Hold Release and (on the upper generator) Attack Decay Attack Release. End pulse outs allow chaining and looping. Gate and Trigger inputs can be used alone or together to control re-trigger characteristics. The "shape" control blends continuously from linear ramps to RC curves typical of East Coast Synthesis, without changing the overall time. The upper generator also has gate outs that are high during each stage.


Max Depth:24mm
Power:+12V: 90mA

-12V: 60mA

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