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Lapsus Os

New Lapsus Os

Noise Engineering Lapsus Os - 4 Channel Attenuator / Attenuverter and Offset

Lapsus Os is a four channel attenuator / attenuverter and offset. Designed with performance in mind, each channel can be set either to attenuate or attenuate / invert an incoming signal, adjust offet of an incoming signal or with nothing patched to its input, generate a 0-5v or +-5v offset. Switches on the back of the module invert the fader behaviour, allowing for the module to mounted in either direction, for further customization and each of use.

Input & output voltages

All inputs at +-10v. Outputs without voltages applied are unipolar 0-5v or bipolar +-5v. With voltages applied are unipolar 0-10v or bipolar +-10v.


•           Faders 1-4: The main controls of Lapsus Os. The LEDs in the faders show the CV that is being passed through. When in attenuverter mode, the LED will be off at 0, allowing each fader to easily be set near 0

•           Uni / Bi Switches 1-4: In the Unipolar position (left), the corresponding channel attenuates the input signal. in the Bipolar position (right), the upper half of the corresponding channel fader attenuates the input signal, the lower half of the fader inverts and attenuates the signal.

•           Offset inputs 1-4 (+): Sending a signal to these inputs adds an offset to the input controlled by he fader and the mode switch

•           Attenuating / attenuverting inputs 1-4 (x): Sending a signal to these inputs attenuates / attenuverts the signal, depending on the position of the channel fader and switch.

•           Outputs: Each channel has a pair of identical outputs. If nothing is sent to either input of a channel, an offset will be generated and output here, useful for controlling parameters on other modules with a single fader

Each channel has a switch on the rear of the board which inverts the corresponding channel, allowing for creative mounting in either direction. Note that each channel must be switched independently to fully reverse the functionality.


Max Depth:21mm
Power:+12V: 60mA

-12V: 50mA

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