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Instruo Vincâ - Two Channel VCA

Vincâ | 'vinke | noun (horticulture) genus of small flowering plants commonly known as the periwinkle

We've all heard the phrase, "You can never have enough VCAs." We know it and we totally get it. With the Instruo Vincâ, this truly is the case.

Vincâ is a two channel voltage controlled amplifier with both parallel and series routing capabilities. Each VCA has a different architecture allowing them to offer unique functionality that both contrasts and compliments one another.

The top VCA has Input Bias and Input Attenuverter controls over it's four-quadrant multiplication capabilities.

The bottom VCA has an amplitude control that also acts as a CV attenuator when control voltage is applied. The bottom VCA also includes a Shape control that morphs between linear and exponential response curves. Each channel can be used independently (in parallel) or can be cascaded (in series), by flipping the Mode switch.

Chain one Vincâ to another (and another, and another!) to add mixing and routing schemes dispersed throughout your entire system.


•           Dual SPDT switch

•           Momentary or latching control via button / external gate

•           Manual output gate capabilities

•           Audio rate switching

•           Ultra low ON resistance (~30Ω)


Max Depth:27mm
Power:+12V: 5mA

-12V: 5mA

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