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Expert Sleepers General CV Eurorack MIDI Utility Module

SOLD OUT Expert Sleepers General CV Eurorack MIDI Utility Module

Expert Sleepers General CV - MIDI Utility Module

"Bringing the '90s back to the '60s"

The Expert Sleepers General CV is a combination of a powerful general MIDI synthesizer, a multi-channel CV-to-MIDI converter and a host processor capable of generating huge amounts of MIDI, either in response to control voltages or entirely algorithmically.

The module's software provides a layer of control over the the synthesizer allowing you to create sounds far beyond the familiar (cheesy, even) sounds of general MIDI with which you might be familiar. From making the synth behave like a VCO, to creating complex chords and textures, and even to abusing drum sounds into pitched audio sources, the General CV will add a rich selection of fresh sounds to your modular synth.


The General CV has a number of modes of operation, including:

•           Behaving like a modular VCO, but using a massively multitimbral and polyphonic synthesizer engine as its tone source

•           Automatically creating chords and arpeggios from a pitch CV

•           Playing MIDI files from an SD card, including special support for playing loops synchronised to a clock pulse

•           Being a drum machine with up to nine independent drum trigger inputs

•           Inputs (3.5mm jack sockets)

                    •           2 digital inputs

                    •           3 unipolar CV inputs (0-5V)

                    •           4 bipolar CV inputs (+/-5V)

•           Outputs (3.5mm jack sockets)

                    •           2 stereo left and right

•           5 rotary encoders, each with push button

•           0.91" OLED display

•           MircoSD card slot

•           'Select Bus' compatible (receive only)

•           Expansion header for MIDI I/O (compatible with the Disting MK4 MIDI Breakout)

Every mode also benefits from internal four band EQ and stereo reverb and chorus effects.

The General CV will also operate as a general purpose CV-to-MIDI module, in conjunction with the MIDI Breakout.


Max Depth:50mm
Power:+12V: +91mA

-12V: -27mA

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  • Manufacturer: Expert Sleepers
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