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A-130-8 Octal Linear VCA

New A-130-8 Octal Linear VCA

Doepfer A-130-8 Octal Linear VCA / Voltage Controlled Mixers

The A-130-8 contains eight linear voltage controlled amplifiers (VCAs). Each VCA features a control voltage input (CV), a signal input (In) and a signal output (Out). In addition three mixers are included: the socket labelled "1-4" outputs the sum of the VCAs 1-4, the socket labelled "5-8" outputs the sum of the VCAs 5-8, the socket labelled "1-8" outputs the sum of all eight VCAs.

The signal inputs are able to process levels up to about 18Vpp without clipping (18Vpp = 18V peak-to-peak or about -9V to +9V). Each CV input is equipped with a trimming potentiometer that is used to adjust the sensitivity of the CV input in question. In the factory the module is adjusted for the CV range 0 to +5V but can be readjusted by the user for other control voltage ranges (eg 0 to +10V).

The amplification range for each single VCA is 0 to 1. The signals o the sum outputs have a lower amplification to avoid distortion at the sum outputs.

The VCAs and mixers are fully DC coupled, ie. the module can be used for the processing of both audio and control voltage signals. The control voltage and signal inputs can be normalled by means of small solder pads (e.g. 1>2>3>4 and so on, or 1>5, 2>6, 3>7, 4>8 for the stereo application mentioned below).

Typical applications

•           Any kind of VCA application (e.g. voltage controlled attenuation of audio or control voltage signals)

•           Two voltage controlled mixers with four channels each

•           Voltage controlled stereo mixer with four channels each, for this the control voltage inputs have to be correspondingly patched or internally normalled: CV1=CV5 / CV2=CV6 / CV3=CV7 / CV4=CV8

•           Voltage Controlled mixer with eight channels

•           Add-on for the joystick module


Max Depth:40mm
Power:+12V: 50mA

-12V: 50mA

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