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Instruo / DivKid Ochd - Analogue LFO

Here is the second module from DivKid, in association with Instruo, the Ochd. It's pronounced "oct" as in octave or octuplut and as if by magic there's eight outputs on this module, an octuplet of analogue LFOs if you will. If you often find you need more modulation, simple sources that will keep things moving and stop things getting repetitive. That's why Ochd was brought to life, to keep patches organically drifting and moving... and as it's modular, they wanted an intuitive easy to use module with plenty of patchable tricks up it's sleeves too!

Each independent core is free running with rate configured from fastest to slowest arranged from top to bottom. Each frequency range was tuned by ear during development to give the optimum spread of contrl frequencies running in parallel. Being 100% analogue, the LFOs will phase organically with the ability to ebb and flow together with their global frequency control.

Modulation breathes life into otherwise static patches, but CV sources can often run out quickly. Even in larger systems. Ochd adds a lot of movement without hogging a lot of space. Both small lunchbox cases and large set ups can be made to drift, move and organically change over time. With either subtle use of Ochd to keep things alive or wider ranging use that drives a whole patch that drifts around itself.

While patching a prototype at DivKid HQ Richard Devine said this was "the most organic little module ever" - lovely stuff


•           8 independent, un-synced free running analogue triangle LFOs - wide frequency range across the oscillators (160Hz to 25 minute cycle time, this goes much lower with CV)

•           CV controllable global rate with attenuverter

•           Track and Hold capabilities using negative CV to stall oscillator cores - Bipolar LED display fir each LFO

•           Self patchable for complex wave shaping


Max Depth:32mm
Power:+12V: 80mA

-12V: 80mA

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