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Envelope Generator

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Make Noise Optomix - Dual Low Pass GateThe Optomix music synthesizer is a two channel Low Pass Gate,..

Ex Tax: £165.83

Skis II

Bastl Instruments Skis II - Dual VC Decay with VCABastl Instruments Skis II is a dual voltage contro..

Ex Tax: £106.67


Mutable Instruments Stages - The Modulation Construction SetASR envelope, complex 6-stage envelope, ..

Ex Tax: £199.17


Mutable Instruments Tides - Tidal Modulator The Mutable Instruments Tides is all about waves th..

Ex Tax: £145.00

Voltage Multistage

Verbos Electronics Voltage Multistage - 8 Stage Analog SequencerThe Voltage Multistage is an 8 stage..

Ex Tax: £437.50


Xaoc Devices Zadar - Quadruple Envelope Generator Model of 1973The Xaoc Devices Zadar is a powerful,..

Ex Tax: £232.50


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