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Manis Iteritas (Black)

Noise Engineering Manis IteritasThe Noise Engineering Manis Iteritas is a 10hp voice based on the ar..

Ex Tax: £245.00

Mob of Emus

Rossum Electro-Music Mob Of Emus - Polyfunctional Harmonic SextetMob of Emus is a powerful music and..

Ex Tax: £269.17

Noise Square (Wood)

Bastl Instruments Noise Square - Versatile Generator of Noises and Square Wave SignalsNoise Square i..

Ex Tax: £87.50


Xaoc Devices Odessa - Variable Spectrum Harmonic Cluster OscillatorThe Odessa features•   ..

Ex Tax: £354.17


Rossum Electro-Music Panharmonium - Mutating Spectral ResynthesizerRossum Electro-Music Software Arc..

Ex Tax: £404.17

Pico Voice

Erica Synths Pico VoiceThe Erica Synths Pico Voice is an amazingly versatile sound source in just 3h..

Ex Tax: £95.00


Mutable Instruments Plaits - Macro-oscillatorRebooting a classicPlaits is the spiritual successor of..

Ex Tax: £158.33


2HP PluckThe 2hp Pluck is a physical modelling synth voice. It uses the Karplus-Strong algorithm to ..

Ex Tax: £105.83


Instruo Saich - Quad OscillatorSaich | saix | noun (natural sciences) a number of animate things mas..

Ex Tax: £382.50


Make Noise STO - Sub Timbral OscillatorThe STO music synthesizer module is a compact Voltage Control..

Ex Tax: £158.33

Super Disting EX Plus A

Expert Sleepers Super Disting EX Plus A - Multifunction Eurorack ModuleThe Disting EX is a multifunc..

Ex Tax: £249.17

Tea Kick (Wood)

Bastl Instruments Tea Kick - Universal Analog Drum CircuitTea Kick is a universal analog circui..

Ex Tax: £87.50

Three Sisters

Mannequins Three Sisters - Linked Filters for spectral mixing and resonant sculptingThe Mannequins T..

Ex Tax: £241.67


Mutable Instruments Tides - Tidal Modulator The Mutable Instruments Tides is all about waves th..

Ex Tax: £145.00


Instruo Tòna - Analogue Voltage Controlled OscillatorTòna |to:ne | noun (musical sound) a sound..

Ex Tax: £154.17


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