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A-110-1 Standard VCO

A-110-1 Standard VCO

Doepfer A-110-1 - Standard VCO

The Doepfer A-110-1 is a voltage-controlled oscillator. The VCOs frequency range is about eight octaves (ca. 15Hz … 8kHz). It can produce four waveforms simultaneously, rectangle, sawtooth, triangle and sine wave. The output levels are typically 8Vpp for saw and rectangle and 10Vpp for triangle and sine.

The frequency, or pitch, of the VCO is determined by the position of the octave (Range) switch and tuning (Tune) knob, and by the voltage present at the CV inputs. Frequency modulation of the VCO is therefore a possibility. Footage (the octave of the fundamental) is set by the Range Control in five steps, and fine tuning controlled by the tune knob. The tune knob range is about +/- ½ octave.

You can control the pulse width of the square wave either by hand or by voltage control – Pulse Width Modulation of PWM.

The CV1 socket is normalled to the internal control voltage coming from the bus (interruptible by removing the jumper labelled ‘INT.CV’, located next to the connector). Plugging a patch cable into the CV1 socket does interrupt the internal bus CV connection.

The core of the A-110-1 is a sawtooth oscillator (in contrast to the A-111-1, which is based on a triangle oscillator). The other waveforms are derived for the sawtooth by internal waveform convertors.


Max Depth:55mm
Power:+12V: +90mA

-12V: -20mA

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